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The Dimo Hemp Looper HHC products are made from high-quality cannabinoids sourced from USA-grown hemp that has been quality tested by a third party lab. While not evaluated by the FDA, Looper products are available with a public Certificate of Analysis that highlights all ingredient content, including terpenes, cannabis distillate, cannabis isolate, and potential additives.

If you want to checkout Looper items, you won't be short on options! Looper cannabis accessories are available in disposable vaporizers, cartridges, gummies, edibles, and pre-rolls made with a range of top-quality cannabinoids, including cannabis oil, hemp oil, CBD oil, THC oil, THC-O, THC-P, HHC, HHC-O, and HHC-P.

Every Looper product is created to deliver the best user experience. The Looper disposables contain a leak-free cartridge with vape oil of the perfect consistency and terpene content. The Looper edibles are tasty, potent, and the perfect consistency to enjoy the psychoactive effects. The Looper pre-rolls are an easy option: instead of attempting to roll the flower yourself and reducing your smoking experience, with pre-rolls, every hit is smooth, even, and packs a punch.

HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol, and this cannabinoid is the hydrogenated form of delta 9 THC, the type of cannabis product we think of when we refer to "marijuana.' The closely-related chemical structures between these compounds produce similar psychoactive effects when vaped, smoked, or ingested, except HHC delivers a more relaxing and calming effect that is similar to delta-8. The difference is that HHC is completely legal. All Looper products are in compliance with the 2018 Farm Act and contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC.

Looper Dosed HHC Pre-rolls:

  • Wifi OG

    Also known as White Fire OG, this Indica-dominant strain will leave you feeling happy and relaxed with a burst of creativity when you light up one of these pre-rolls. This blended strain contains flavors of earthiness, citrus, pepper, and herbs, and gives off a spicy scent.

  • Tropicana

    Fly off on a vacation getaway without leaving your home when you smoke a Tropicana-flavored Looper HHC pre-roll. The Tropicana flavor is a Sativa-dominant strain that contains blends of three of your favorite cannabis strains: Pineapple, Kali Mist, and Northern Lights.

  • Runtz

    Enjoy the Runtz-flavored HHC pre-roll for a fruity Hybrid strain that is a blend of Zkittlez and Gelato. The sweet, citrus, and woody flavors of these pre-rolls deliver euphoric and uplifting effects that are fast-acting and long-lasting.

Looper Dosed HHC Edibles:

  • Sour Peach Rings

    Looper Sour Peach Rings are sugary sweet and deliciously tart, zapping your taste buds with every bite. Feel happy, energetic, and mildly euphoric when you pop this peach, apricot, and honey-flavored HHC edible in your mouth.

  • Strawberry Sour Belts

    The sugary sweetness and tangy sourness of the Looper Strawberry Sour Belts will leave your lips puckered and your mind soaring.

  • Blue Raspberry Sour Belts

    The Looper twist on the classic Blue Raspberry flavor will not disappoint with these HHC Sour Belt edibles. Make sure you're tough enough to handle the deliciously sweet and tangy tartness of this product that generates a relaxing euphoric effect.

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