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Canna River - Highlighter - Delta 8 - Delta 10 -Disposable - Cherry AK - 2.5G

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Calling all CHERRY lovers! Canna River's Cherry AK is a strain that carefully captures the ripened taste of cherries combined with a luscious hints of lemon. After a few puffs, a wave of terrific tart washes over which delivers a double hit of sour to the senses! Right away, a sweet flavor of cherries comes in on the exhale, rapidly soothing any leftover sour notes. Anticipate both sweet and sour tastes with Canna River's Cherry AK!

Canna River's Cherry AK Disposable Features:

  • 2.5G/2500MG Concentration 
  • Ingredients: Delta 8 and Delta 10 
  • Hemp Plants Grown in the USA