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Flying Monkey - Baby Js - Delta 8 - HHC - THCP - THCH - CBD - Preroll - Blue Dream - 3.5G

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Flying Monkey has the dreamiest strain for all berry lovers! Their Blue Dream Pre-rolls are filled with 0.5G of hemp flower that's been grown in the US. When Flying Monkey's Baby J's arrive, all that's needed is a lighter! Open the jar, grab a lighter, and find the best spot to spark up one Blue Dream pre-roll. The effects of this Hybrid strain primarily settle into the limbs for most users; for others, this strain gives their mind a head start into unwinding from the day. 

Flying Monkey Baby J's Blue Dream Pre-Rolls Feature:

  • Seven x 0.5G Pre-Rolls Per Jar
  • 3.5G Concentration Total 
  • Strain Type: Blue Dream - Hybrid 
  • Ingredients: D8, HHC, THC-P, THC-H, and CBD
  • Hemp Plant Grown in the USA

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