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Flying Monkey - Baby Js - Delta 8 - HHC - THCP - THCH - CBD - Preroll - Purple Kush - 3.5G

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Puff on this Purple Kush Pre-Roll! Enjoy the contrasting tastes of an earthy blend mixed with sweet, purple grapes in one Baby J. There are a total of 7 Purple Kush Baby J's and each one contains 0.5 grams of an exclusive hemp flower blend that was formulated by Flying Monkey. Thanks to the Indica properties in this strain, Purple Kush is best when added to the evening hours. 

Flying Monkey Baby J's Purple Kush Pre-Rolls Feature:

  • Seven x 0.5G Pre-Rolls Per Jar
  • 3.5G Concentration Total 
  • Strain Type: Purple Kush - Indica
  • Ingredients: D8, HHC, THC-P, THC-H, and CBD
  • Hemp Plant Grown in the USA

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