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Flying Monkey - Live Resin - Delta 8 - Disposable - Rainbow Belts - 2G

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See the Rainbow and take some puffs from it, too! Flying Monkey's Rainbow Belts Disposable captured the bold flavor of the sensational, eye-dazzling occurrence and put it into this colorful, slim device. The flavor profile of this strain is more on the tropical side and carries notes of lime, spiced berries, and grapes with every inhale. Rainbow Belts provides individuals with more body-hitting effects and can best be used to help remedy physical pains or ailments. Due to the type of effects this strain brings, it's best used in the evening or when there's an indefinite amount of time to chill and calm down from the day's worries. 


Flying Monkey's Delta 8 Live Resin Rainbow Belts Disposable Features: 

  • 2000MG/2G Concentration
  • Strain: Rainbow Belts
  • Active Ingredient: Delta 8 Live Resin 
  • U.S. Grown Hemp Plant Products

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