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Medusa - KO Blend - Delta 8 - THCOP - Disposable - Green Crack - 2G

by Medusa
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The Green Crack flavor of the Medusa Disposable KO Blend Devices is a Sativa strain that received its famous name from Snoop Dogg, the legendary Hip Hop artist. This skunky, fruity, earthy flavor with notes of mango and citrus takes your tastebuds on a journey with every puff. Each disposable vaporizer comes pre-filled and pre-charged, so you can enjoy your device as soon as it arrives.

The Medusa Knockout Blend contains three special ingredients: THC-O*, delta 8 live resin, and THC-P. The first ingredient, THC-O, is a cannabinoid with an extremely similar chemical structure to delta 9 THC as well as producing a slightly more intense effect. THC-P, or tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is 33 times more potent than the similarly structured delta 9 THC. 

Medusa KO Blend Delta 8 THCOP Disposable Green Crack Features:

  • Sativa Strain
  • 2000MG Concentration Disposable Cartridge
  • Active Ingredients: THC-O*, Delta 8 Live Resin, and THC-P
  • U.S.-Grown Hemp Plant Products

*Florida orders placed will receive a Knockout Blend with Delta 10 and not THC-O.

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