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🔥 Free shipping on all U.S orders $50+ 📦

Medusa - THCO - Disposable - Lemon Cake - 2G

by Medusa
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Try to resist forming a lemonade mouth when you take a hit of the Lemon Cake Sativa-dominant strain that stays true to its name. This flavor is sweet, lemony, and creamy, providing a lemon cheesecake-like taste with every puff. The Medusa Disposable vaporizers are designed to deliver a stellar performance from your first hit until your last.

THC-O or THC-O-acetate is the main active ingredient in the MD8 TCHO Disposable vaporizer devices. This cannabinoid is similar in structure to delta 9 THC but is thought to produce effects up to three times stronger. While this molecule occurs naturally in trace amounts in the cannabis plant, for product purposes, this molecule is usually synthetically derived from CBD.

Medusa THCO Disposable Lemon Cake Features:

  • Sativa Strain
  • 2G Cartridge, Disposable
  • Main Active Ingredient: THC-O
  • U.S.-Grown Hemp

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