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Space Monkey - Delta 8 - Live Resin - Disposable Vape - Rocket Fuel - 3G

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Fuel up and head to Space thanks to Space Monkey's Rocket Fuel! Their Delta 8 Live Resin blend is now available in an even larger option, filled with 3 grams of an exclusive blend that's derived from hemp plants grown within the United States. From first puff, a pungent aroma of fuel and diesel is immediately dispersed, helping users understand just why this strain is named 'Rocket Fuel'. Space Monkey's Hybrid strain, Rocket Fuel, is a consistent strain from start to finish. 

Space Monkey's Delta 8 Live Resin Rocket Fuel Disposable Features: 

  • 3000MG/3G Concentration 
  • Strain: Rocket Fuel - Hybrid  
  • Ingredients: Delta 8 Live Resin, THC-P
  • Hemp Plants Grown in the USA

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