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URB - HHCO - Live Resin - Disposable Vape - Cranberry Kush - 2G

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The HHC-O Live Resin strain, Cranberry Kush, is an idealistic Indica that encourages leisure activity, relaxation, and calming vibes throughout the entire duration of its' use. Though cranberries are typically tart all the way through, this strain offers more than just a sour taste. With each inhale, the tartness is briefly reflected in the first few hits before transforming into a heavy hitting, full bodied, gassy flavor that lands directly in each users chest, causing the dense gas to expand outwards. This sensation giving some the feeling as though their mind is elevating, drifting off to a peaceful slumber. Cranberry Kush, an Indica strain from Urb's HHC-O Live Resin, is beneficial for those who are looking content with exploring more homebody activities.

Urb's Cranberry Kush Disposable Offers: 

  • Indica Strain
  • 2G Concentration Disposable Vapeable
  • Ingredients Include: HHC-O Live Resin
  • U.S. Grown Hemp Plant Products

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