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Wild Orchard - Delta 8 - 510 Cartridge - Baklava - 400MG

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Individuals who select Wild Orchard's Delta 8 Baklava Hybrid strain are in for a seriously sweet taste and aroma! Although this strain is Hybrid, it has quite a few Sativa properties that may help unlock bouts of creativity that might not have been previously accessible. However, the Indica properties of this strain make itself known as intense feelings of relaxation are brought forward with each inhale. Wild Orchard's Delta 8 Baklava Hybrid strain takes its users into a cloud of honeyed vanilla mixed with the slightest kush taste, effectively balancing, the initial sweetness. Whether using Wild Orchard's Baklava Hybrid strain first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day, individuals will certainly be uplifted by this strains' effects.  

Wild Orchard's Delta 8 Baklava 510 Cartridge Features:

  • Hybrid Strain
  • 400MG Concentration 
  • Ingredients Include: Delta 8 
  • U.S. Grown Hemp Plant Products

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