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Wild Orchard - Delta 8 - 510 Cartridge - Birthday Cake - 400MG

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Give the day something to celebrate with Wild Orchard's Delta 8 Birthday Cake! This Indica strain offers dominating body effects alongside a pretty pleasant flavor that replicates homemade cake in every inhale. Individuals may benefit from pain relief, anxiety reduction, and waking up rejuvenated after receiving a thorough night's rest. This strain is best accompanied with evening time use because of its Indica properties. Make it a celebration with a delicious dessert for the rest of the evening after selecting Wild Orchard's Indica Birthday Cake!

Wild Orchard's Delta 8 Birthday Cake 510 Cartridge Features:

  • Indica Strain
  • 400MG Concentration 
  • Ingredients Include: Delta 8 
  • U.S. Grown Hemp Plant Products

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