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Wild Orchard - HHC - FUHHCUUP - Disposable - Venom Cocktail - 1G

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The recipe to relaxing? Grabbing a Venom Cocktail! This disposable, part of Wild Orchard's HHC collection, is an Indica that strongly urges individuals directly into their bed and right into a period of rest. This 'Cocktail' incorporates pine, fuel, and earthy flavors together to deliver the body heavy effects that this strain has to offer. Venom Cocktail is an awesome Indica that helps individuals prioritize their rest and comfort. 

Wild Orchard's HHC Venom Cocktail Disposable Features:

  • 1G Concentration 
  • Strain: Venom Cocktail - Indica
  • Ingredients: HHC
  • U.S. Grown Hemp Plant Products

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