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Dazed8 - Delta 8 - 510 Cartridge - Dragon Berry - 1G

Dazed8 - Delta 8 - 510 Cartridge - Dragon Berry - 1G

By Dazed8

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Dragon Berry, a Dazed8 Sativa, is rich with the unmistakable taste of dragonfruit! Right away, the smooth taste fills the senses, effectively adding a calming touch throughout the body for some. Since this strain is a Sativa, some individuals may experience an elevated feeling takeover, swiftly carrying them through the rest of the day with ease. Upon exhalation, a brief undertone of mixed berries is tasted; these berry-like flavors combined with the light taste of dragonfruit creates this delicious Sativa strain that keeps users coming back for more. Dazed8's Dragon Berry strain is a sweet way to start the day! 

Dazed8's Dragon Berry 510 Cartridge Features:

  • 950MG Concentration
  • Sativa Strain
  • Ingredients: Delta 8
  • Hemp Plants Grown in the USA

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