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Flying Monkey - Purest - THCA Blend - Disposable - Zberry - 6G

Flying Monkey - Purest - THCA Blend - Disposable - Zberry - 6G

By Flying Monkey

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Flying Monkey’s Zberry Disposable combines the best of berry flavors in a potent, aromatic experience. This 6G Indica Disposable is packed with pure THC-A that captures the essence of mixed berries in a velvety smoke, perfect for those who crave a sweet yet profound experience.

Since Zberry is an Indica strain, it is best enjoyed in the evening or when needing to relax from the stresses of everyday life. Inhale Zberry and allow your stresses to fade away while savoring the sweet berry flavor and aroma that it contains. Flying Monkey’s Zberry Disposable is a unique blend of relaxation and euphoria wrapped in a bouquet of berry bliss.

Flying Monkey’s Purest THC-A Blend Zberry Disposable Features:

  • 6000MG/6G Concentration
  • Strain: Zberry - Indica
  • Cannabinoid: THC-A

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nothing special

Same as all the other D8 vapes. I want a THCa vape, without D8, or HHC, or THCp or any other cannabinoids. All vapes with D8 make me cough and gag every hit. Real THC vapes from a legal state do not make me cough at all, and the buzz is better. For now I'll stick with THCa flower.