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🔥 Free shipping on all U.S orders $50+ 📦

Space Walker - Delta 10 - Gummies - OG Mango - 150mg

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Make mid-week memories more mellow with Space Walker's OG Mango Delta 10 Gummies! Each perfectly bite sized gummy is magically crafted from the magnificent taste of freshly ripened mango. A light sprinkle of sugar sticks to the outer coating of the gummy, making the inside a deliciously soft contrast to the outside; this offers a pleasant surprise in each bite. Space Walker's Delta 10 OG Mango Gummies consistently deliver an incredibly captivating flavor that's delicious distraction from any dull task that's presented.

Space Walker's OG Mango Delta 10 Gummies feature:

  • Ingredients: Delta 10 
  • 5 Gummies per Pack
  • Hemp Products Grown in the U.S.

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