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STIIIZY Hemp - X Blend - Pod - Gelato - 1G

STIIIZY Hemp - X Blend - Pod - Gelato - 1G


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Kinda like ice cream, but a bit better... STIIIZY Hemp's X-Blend Gelato Pod is smooth like the frozen, sweet treat this strain shares its' name with! STIIIZY Hemp's premium X-Blend perfectly captured the creaminess and cooling sensation of the foreign, frozen dessert and made it more inviting by adding their distinct cannabinoid blend. Gelato is a Hybrid strain that can be puffed on at any time throughout the night, or day, to bring peaceful vibes and a calming attitude. 

STIIIZY Hemp's X-Blend Gelato Pod Features:

  • 1000MG/1G Concentration
  • Strain: Gelato - Hybrid  
  • Ingredients: HHC, THC-P
  • Hemp Plants Grown in the USA

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Customer Reviews

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For being legal, it’s pretty ducking good.

If you check the results it’s like mostly d8 with like 20% of HHC with like 3%of thc-p. All I can say is that you can tell the difference between these and the other hemp pods they have. These decently got the job done for having nothing else to smoke. My 2 cents