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TRE House - HHC - Gummies - Strawberry Burst - 25MG

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Burst through the days' monotony with TREHouse's Strawberry Burst gummies! Every bite brings users to a 'berry' high level of satisfaction before dropping them in a large field of happiness and ease. Because the gummies are squared shaped, they're the ideal size for snacking and sharing! However, the powerful smell and taste may encourage some users to keep it all for themselves! Whether eating in the day or night, TREHouse's Strawberry Burst gummies are bound to satisfy all sweet cravings with its seriously fruity flavor!

TREhouse's Strawberry Burst Gummies offer: 

  • Main Ingreddient: HHC
  • 20 Gummies in Each Jar
  • Hemp Products U.S. Grown 

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