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🔥 Free shipping on all U.S orders $50+ 📦


Carry the Torch today! There are so many different products to choose from and each one is sure to provide users with the calming effects that they’re searching for. The entire Torch collection has been tested by a third party lab and the results are made easily available for individuals to see for themselves. There are both 510 Cartridges and Disposables available for purchase in various strains and types. For users who’d like to prioritize winding down, an Indica from their Delta 8 Live Resin collection could easily assist with that! For those users who are looking for the opposite and want to be more alert for their day, there are Sativa strains that feature Torch’s Platinum Rosin blend that can quickly lift users to a more productive state of mind. Hybrid strains, and their effects, are more of a meeting point between the effects that Sativa and Indica strains produce. Torch offers a Hybrid strain in their THC-O Live Resin blend that gives individuals the ability to choose from relaxing or getting some work done. The properties in Hybrid strains make each individual’s experience one that they can control and decide how far they’d like to go. No matter which blend users grab, all of Torch’s products are sure to provide them with a 100% legal alternative to THC.

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