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Dome Wrecker - THCA - Liquid Diamond - THCP - ICED - Disposable - Bubblegum OG - 5G

Dome Wrecker - THCA - Liquid Diamond - THCP - ICED - Disposable - Bubblegum OG - 5G

By Dome Wrecker

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What’s better than the sweet and nostalgic taste of Bubblegum? Adding a smooth, icy chill to it! That’s exactly what the team at Dome Wrecker has done with their THC-A Liquid Diamond ICED Bubblegum OG Disposable. This revolutionary line was crafted by the crew at Hixotic, and this disposable boasts an impressive 5G concentration of THC-A Liquid Diamonds and THC-P! Discover a cool bubblegum experience with Bubblegum OG Iced!

Bubblegum OG Iced is an Indica strain that washes away stress and brings users to an elevated plane of relaxation. With an amazing flavor profile, users are hit with a nostalgic taste of bubblegum that we all know and love, while a smooth, icy chill rounds out the supremely sweet bubblegum flavor. With the addition of ice terpenes, this disposable offers an exclusively chilling layer of flavor experience that makes this product revolutionary!

Dome Wrecker’s Bubblegum OG Iced Disposable Features:

  • 5000MG/5G Concentration
  • Strain: Bubblegum OG Iced - Indica
  • Ingredients: THC-A Liquid Diamonds, THC-P

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Customer Reviews

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The menthol is gross, will make you want to puke for the first 12 hits before it disappears

And what the fuck are "ice" terpenes?