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LITTO - THCA - Diamond Encrusted - Preroll - Jack Herer - 3G

LITTO - THCA - Diamond Encrusted - Preroll - Jack Herer - 3G


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Named after the popular cannabis activist, LITTO’s Jack Herer THC-A Diamond Encrusted Pre-rolls will energize your mood, getting you ready to tackle the day! With a 3 gram concentration in each pack, six shiny 0.5 gram pre-rolls in each container, filled with a premium THC-A blend of the finest flower, and all coated in a luxurious diamond glaze, these Sativa pre-rolls will have you taking charge of your mind and body, bringing you to a premium state of mind. Once the effects of Jack Herer wash over the senses, users are brought to an exhilarating mind-body experience!

Since Jack Herer is a Sativa strain, it’s best enjoyed throughout the day, or the perfect accessory for a LITTO wake and bake! Users can expect to feel an energy boost that enhances their focus and turns on their creativity, and with a premium coating of diamonds, these Sativa effects are made even stronger, making these pre-rolls as influential as Jack Herer himself! With a unique flavor profile of lemon, diesel, and gassy aroma, Jack Herer takes users on a satisfactory taste adventure with every inhale. Get ready to knock off everything off your to-do list with LITTO’s Jack Herer THC-A Diamond Encrusted Pre-rolls!

LITTO’s Jack Herer Diamond Encrusted Pre-rolls Feature:

  • 3G Concentration in Each Pack
  • Six 0.5G Joints in Each Pack
  • Strain: Jack Herer - Sativa
  • Ingredients: THC-A Blend Flower, Diamond Coating

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Smoking Dank Only
Fckn awesome

These prerolls are probably the best aside from the real sh!t. When I first opened it, the smell was dank. It hits as good as they look. I was going to order direct, but this site is way cheaper.