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Looper - Lifted - Delta 8 - HHCP - THCP - Disposable - Cereal Milk - 2G

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Can't beat a fresh bowl of Cereal Milk first thing in the morning! Looper's Cereal Milk Disposable is 2 grams of an exclusive HHC-P, Delta 8, and THC-P blend that was created from hemp plants grown locally. Cereal Milk's flavor profile is bursting with notes of creamy vanilla and sweetened cereal bits that make the entire experience incredibly enjoyable for the whole duration that this strain's used. Keep the breakfast feeling going all day long with Looper's Cereal Milk Disposable!

Looper's Lifted Series Cereal Milk Disposable Features: 

  • 2000MG/2G Concentration 
  • Strain: Cereak Milk - Hybrid
  • Ingredients: HHC-P, Delta 8, THC-P
  • Hemp Plants Grown in the USA

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