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Looper - Live Resin - HCCP - 510 Cartridge - Purplez - 1G

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Be pleasantly surprised with Looper's Hybrid strain, Purplez! This Hybrid can bring peaceful effects with it, but too much of this strain can result in a much needed nap, so caution is needed with this strain! From the beginning, there are strong notes of woodsy herbs that blend seamlessly with the sweetened taste of grapes. Puff on Looper's Purplez 510 Cartridge and let this strain leave a positive influence on the day. 

Looper's Purplez 510 Cartridge Features: 

  • 1000MG/1G Concentration 
  • Strain: Purplez - Hybrid 
  • Ingredients: HHC-P, THC-O, HHC
  • Hemp Plants Grown in the USA

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