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Wild Orchard - Delta 8 - Disposable - Rechargeable - Baklava - 250MG

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The incredibly unique and complex taste of baklava has been carefully captured in Wild Orchard's Delta 8 Hybrid strain, aptly named. Each time this strain is used, the traditional aroma that follows the pastry is immediately made distinct, effectively putting users in a happy cloud of honeyed vanilla, before a hint of kush makes itself known. This secondary flavor adds a layer of density to the strain and elevates the overall experience. Wild Orchard's Rechargeable Baklava Delta 8 Disposable gives a majority of the benefits that an Indica has to offer, but without any worry of fatigue, thanks to the Sativa properties within this Hybrid strain, making it an ideal way to start any day!

Wild Orchard's Delta 8 Baklava Disposable Features:

  • Strain: Baklava - Hybrid 
  • 250MG Concentration 
  • Ingredients Include: Delta 8 
  • U.S. Grown Hemp Plant Products

 Lab Results