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🔥 Free shipping on all U.S orders $50+ 📦

Wild Orchard - Delta 8 - Disposable - Rechargeable - Gorilla Glue - 250MG

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Gorilla Glue is an intense Indica strain that is best added to a night time routine


Get glue'd with Wild Orchard's Gorilla Glue! Because this strain is an Indica, most of its benefits are best saved for night time use. Sometimes individuals using this strain experience their appetite stimulated, deep feelings of fatigue followed by a restful sleep, or are simply relaxed. Gorilla Glue has an aroma that deeply penetrates, adding to the powerful flavor of pine and earth that overtake each user. Wild Orchard's Delta 8 Gorilla Glue Indica strain is a superb choice for individuals seeking deep relaxation and rest for any day of their week. 


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